How to make okpa ( Bambara).

Bambara nuts contains large amount of protein. The minerals contained in Bambara nuts such as calcium protect the body from arthritis, osteoporosis and other related bone disease. It also helps to reduce the chances of having cancer and other health issues because of the presence of antioxidants.

Bambara nuts are grounded into powder and it is the main ingredient in the preparation of okpa pudding. Bambara is a food crop which is predominantly cultivated in West Africa. In Nigeria Bambara is locally known as okpa among the Igbo’s, epa-roro among the yoruba’s and kwaruru or gurjiya among the Hausa’s.

Okpa can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes


• 2 cups of Bambara/ okpa powder

• 30-35ml palm oil

• salt to taste

• red pepper (ground)

• Uziza powder

• 2-3 seasoning cubes

• warm water

• Nylons/ leaves/ tins


• Sieve the Bambara powder into a bowl.

• Create a hole at the center of the Bambara powder in the bowl, then pour in your oil.

• Mix palm oil and Bambara thoroughly until evenly combine , you should get a bright orange or yellow colour.

• Pour warm water into the mixture and stir. Add salt, seasoning cubes, red pepper and Uziza powder.

• Mix and ensure there are no lumps and also make sure your consistency is neither too thick nor watery.

• Place a pot of water on gas and bring to boil

• Prepare your Nylon, tin or leaves. Pour okpa puree into your choice of container.

• Place in the pot of already boiling water, cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.

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